Modelpan Magnesium Oxide Building Board is an eco-friendly product with 100 percent natural raw material content.

It does not contain any material harmful to the environment and human life such as asbestos, silica, organic solvents, oils, toxic substances and heavy metals.

With its flameproof feature, Modelpan prevents the spread of fire.

In case of fire, it does not release toxic gases and protect the human life.

It is among the building boards with lowest water absorbtion rate (Max. 14%).)

It is impact resistant with its flexible and strong structure. Bending strength: 8 - 14 N / mm2 . The fracture strength is between 500 and 1200 N (depending on board thickness).

A 12mm Modelpan board alone, provides a sound insulation of up to 30 decibels in wall systems.

Compared to cement based building boards, Modelpan is lighter by about 40 percent. (For 10 mm thickness, 9.5 kg (+/- 5) per square meter)

In the projects build with modelpan boards, the load on the siding is reduced by 30 to 40 percent.

Screwing without counterboring saves labor and times.

Up to 10 mm thickness, the possibility to cut with a tool knife provides ease of application.

Smooth surface ready for paint does not require plaster or mesh application.

A1 Class Fireproof
Water Resistant
Heat Insulation
Sound Insulation
Impact Resistance
Frost Resistance

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